Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Small Weaving: Ochre & Grays

Recently, I have been playing around with my small pin looms using them in a different way. I put the warp on the bottom and top pins and leave the sides free. The yarns are from an assortment of odds and ends that I keep in a basket. I wanted to play with colors and different techniques with the one rule of not having any rules. That statement makes me chuckle because I am rule a follower, but once in a rare while, I just want to play.

I am quite pleased with this experimental weaving. I like the hints of the red warp peeking out. The small yellow square is done using a Tapestry technique called Weft Interlock. I had never tried it but understood how it was suppose to be done, so I took a stab at it. Weaving can be unwoven so it's not a huge commitment on my part. One of the nice things about weaving this way is that I can just pop the weaving off the pins when I am done. All selvedges are finished.
Where did I get my color inspirations from? I recently visited my sister and this is her living room. I knew I wanted to create something using this same palette. That is how my mind works. I get inspired by everyday things or my environment.

Are you inspired by colors?


futuregirl said...

You know the human that gets to enjoy that living room? So amazing

caiming said...

that looks like a great source of inspiration!