Friday, January 13, 2017

Feel Good Yarn Co's 2017 Monthly Design Challenge

I wanted to tell you all about Feel Good Yarn Co's 2017 Monthly Design Challenge. Laurie wrote to me about it and I think it's a fun idea. Every month, they will announce a Design Challenge and you get 2 1/2 months to design something with their SilverSpun® yarns. All entries will be posted anonymously and voted on by the general public. The design with the most votes win! There are prizes!
This opportunity is open to everyone. New designers and established designers are all welcome to participate. Also, Feel Good Yarn Co is hoping to inspire people who may be wanting to give designing a try that just might need a nudge in the right direction.
January's Design Challenge starts off with a cowl. The cowl has to be designed with SilverSpun® Sport (1-2 skeins only). The deadline for the submission is March 15, 2017. Go get your yarn and needles and let your imagination run wild. Cowls are the perfect little accessory that only takes 1-2 skeins of yarn. Good luck!

Read about all the fine details of FGYCo's 2017 Monthly Design Challenge, HERE.
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