Friday, July 29, 2016

More than just plain weave with the Zoom Loom.

I just love the simplicity and beauty of plain weave, but recently I wanted to try some patterns on the Zoom Loom. I chose the Houndstooth Check Pattern from the book, 100 Pin Loom Squares by Florencia Campos Correa.
For the first layer, you warp with one color and then your second color. This part was a bit confusing as it is hard to see which pins to wrap the yarn around.

After that, it's just weaving back and forth with each color. Once I finished my first one, it was easy to make another one. It always takes the longest to a make a first of anything.

As you can see, I just kept going with different color combinations. I can't wait to try out more colors.
If you are interested in learning to weave on a pin loom, take a look at my video, Creative Pin-Loom Designs. This is a great video for pin loom beginners, or anyone who needs a refresher on this fun little loom.

Friday, April 08, 2016

Swatching In The Round and Blocking Your Swatch

For knitting projects that are knitted in the round, it really does make sense to knit your gauge swatch in the round. We all tend to knit or purl with different tensions. If you make a swatch knitted flat and a swatch knitted in the round, you will see that there will be a big difference in gauge. Instead of knitting a giant tube, I have learned neat technique of an easier way to swatch in the round.

First you will need either double-pointed needles or circulars. I am using these snazzy looking Knitter's Pride MarblZ. You want needles that have no ends.

Cast on desired amount of stitches.

So instead of turning your work for the next row slide all of the stitches to the other end of the needle, just like making an I-cord. Since I am using dpn's, there was no need to slide my stitches. Bring the yarn around the back of the work and work across with right side facing.

You continue knitting only on the right side of your swatch. The working yarn is carried across the back. Now when you are done, bind off. Don't worry, if your yarn strands are not loose enough. You can cut the strands in the middle to get your knitted swatch to lay flat. 
 Soak your swatch in wool wash. Roll your swatch in a towel to absorb the excess water. I like to pin down my swatches while they dry. Here I am using Knit Blockers on a Lace Blocking Mat from Knitter's Pride. The Knit Blockers are real time savers and I like how quickly I can get straight lines with them.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Coming Soon with Knitter's Pride!

I am collaborating with Knitter's Pride for a Spring Knit-Along. The details will be announced soon over on the Knitter's Pride blog ( Stay tuned for more details, there will be some great prizes up for grabs!