Monday, August 27, 2018

Tapestry Weaving on the Easel Weaver by Schacht Spindle Co.

I have a big love for little looms. There is just something about them that I can not resist. I think that I like working in smaller formats so that lends to the appeal for me. When Schacht Spindle Co. introduced their newest small loom, Easel Weaver, I knew I had to try that loom!
I warped up the loom with carpet warp from Webs at 6 epi. The weft is a knitting and needlepoint yarn called Paragon. It's made in England and the label says it's a multi purpose 3-ply Persian yarn. I got a few bags of it in assorted colors from a church tag sale and had always intended to weave with it. This was the perfect opportunity to use what I had on hand.
My tapestry weaving was inspired by the tiny tapestry houses woven by Sarah C Swett. I have been following her 4 selvedge weaving and the tiny houses are just perfect. The loom is easy to use and the 3-In-1 Magic Stick is really useful. I am using the 10" size. You can prop up the loom using the built in stand or lay it flat on the table or your lap. The portable size of the Easel Weaver is a real plus for me.
Finished tapestry weaving! The 3-ply yarn worked out really well. I was able to blend colors by taking apart the plies and mixing the colors. I wanted to create more depth by blending the yarns.
So many ends to weave in and snip! Once I clean up the back, I can mount it and hang it. Thank you Schacht Spindle Co for sending me the Easel Weaver to weave on.