Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Monsoon Shawl Workshop at Trillium Yarns

Trillium Yarns 
On Sunday, I taught my Monsoon Shawl Workshop at Trillium Yarns in Morristown NJ. As you walk down the street, you can't help but notice the pretty storefront. Step inside and you will see that Beverly has stocked her store with a beautiful selection of yarns. It was exciting to see what yarns and what colors my students chose for their shawls. Everyone chose a different color and they all looked great. The Monsoon Shawl is one of those patterns that works with many colorways. Basically, I don't think you can choose a wrong color.

Look at all these knitters working hard on their Monsoon Shawls. For my class, I provided written instructions for the knitters that may not be use to reading from a chart. The magazine only provides the charts for the pattern. To my delight, many of them decided to challenge themselves and work from the chart instead of the written instructions.

I am so proud of these ladies.They worked really hard to learn all the techniques and stitches involved to make the Monsoon Shawl. Hopefully, I taught them some new things that they have never tried, but I definitely know that they are now all ready to tackle that shawl. You can't tell from this picture, but there is one special lady in the back that started her shawl before coming to class and was almost done by the end of class. I hope all my students put up pictures of their finished shawls on Ravelry so I can admire them.


Cherie K Fischer said...

Thank you Angela for a wonderful class. You are a great teacher and look forward to more classes in the future.

Unknown said...

I am just doing the Monsoon Shawl and I am at the end of row 4 (do not turn) of the Garter Ridge pattern.
I need some help understanding how to do the edging.
After I cast on the 7 sts, do I use the edging chart back and forth on just these 7 sts? or do I do the length of the shawl? Is there any pattern repeat on the edging chart? Thanks Judy

Lee Van Camp said...

I am just beginning the Lace portion of the Monsoon Shawl (right after row 59), and using the chart for same. I have 181 sts on the needle. When I work the chart across, I do not come out even with the chart and the number of sts on the needle. How many times do you repeat the chart. Wonder if it would be easier to write out the verbal directions for the chart---I am an experienced knitter, but somehow have hit a stumbling block.

Pat said...

Hello, I have the same question as Judy Lauder regarding the edging chart. I tried on a smaller sample and worked the 5 rows on just the 7 sts. The pattern didn't look anything like the edging on the pattern's photo. Do we continue on the entire shawl length? Also, at the end of row 4 how can we do a cable cast on without turning (I turned to do the 7 st cast on).