Friday, July 29, 2016

More than just plain weave with the Zoom Loom.

I just love the simplicity and beauty of plain weave, but recently I wanted to try some patterns on the Zoom Loom. I chose the Houndstooth Check Pattern from the book, 100 Pin Loom Squares by Florencia Campos Correa.
For the first layer, you warp with one color and then your second color. This part was a bit confusing as it is hard to see which pins to wrap the yarn around.

After that, it's just weaving back and forth with each color. Once I finished my first one, it was easy to make another one. It always takes the longest to a make a first of anything.

As you can see, I just kept going with different color combinations. I can't wait to try out more colors.
If you are interested in learning to weave on a pin loom, take a look at my video, Creative Pin-Loom Designs. This is a great video for pin loom beginners, or anyone who needs a refresher on this fun little loom.


Pinetree Studios said...

Love your squares!!! Your video is awesome and I recommend it highly!!!

Unknown said...

I bought one and waiting for it to arrive. Looks like fun.