Thursday, April 20, 2017

Review: Kraemer Yarns Tatamy Tweed DK

Spring is upon us and it's time to play with some cotton yarns during these warmer months heading into the hot summer. I recently got some Tatamy Tweed DK from Kraemer Yarns to try out. Normally, I am not a fan of cotton yarns because it has no elasticity and can be hard on my hands. Tatamy Tweed DK is a blend of 45% cotton and 55% acrylic. I had a feeling that I would like working with this yarn because of the blend.

My first impressions when I took it out of the packaging? The yarn was cool to the touch and soft. The colors are vibrant and very pleasing to my eyes. I liked the little flecks that were spun into the yarn.
Instead of knitting with it, I decided to try weaving with it. I used my Zoom Loom to weave some squares. It was easy to weave with Tatamy Tweed DK. The yarn wove smoothly and did not snag or fray. If you have any experience with pin loom weaving, you would know that not every yarn is suitable for pin looms. This yarn held up to the 3 layer warp and then weaving with it.
The woven fabric is light and very smooth. I am delighted by the tweed flecks in it. They add little pops of color to the finished fabric. My photo doesn't do it justice, but the woven fabric is bright and fun. I haven't decided what I am going to make with the squares, but I think it will be something for one of my daughters. I am going to keep weaving and see what it becomes. Tatamy Tweed DK is machine washable which I think it's great for kids because it's easy to care for. It comes in many bright colors and neutrals, too. Whether you knit, crochet or weave, I would highly recommend trying this yarn. The cotton and acrylic blend is perfect for anyone with wool allergies. Thank you to Kraemer Yarns for letting me review your yarn.

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