Monday, January 07, 2019

Weaving with Bijou Spun - Lhasa Wilderness

Bijou Basin Ranch sent me a gorgeous skein of Lhasa Wilderness to play with. The colorway is called Stargazer from the Reflections Collection and dyed exclusively by Colorful Eclectic. It is a blend of 75% Tibetan Yak and 25% Bamboo.
The yarn is smooth and cool to the touch. I felt that it would weave up beautifully and decided to give it a try on my Leclerc Dorothy Loom. It's a table loom that has 4 shafts. I warped the loom with a purple mercerized cotton yarn with a 10 dent reed. The Lhasa Wilderness is a light sport weight yarn.
The color variegation is looking great in the woven cloth. I began with plain weave and then wove some rib weave and then more plain weave.
Isn't is pretty? You can see that the rib weave shows more pops of color while the plain weave blends the variegation. I am going to continue to weave and sample different patterns. I am pleased with how it is looking and the yarn is a dream to weave with.

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