Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Review: Love + Leche Lotion Bars

Recently, I had the opportunity to try Love + Leche's new Sheep Sweet Lotion Bar. Every day my hands take a beating from washing dishes, cooking and taking care of my kids. I don't often use lotion on my hands because I don't want my hands to have a greasy residue. As a knitwear designer, I don't want any lotion to get on my yarn or my knitting needles. This lotion bar was such a nice surprise. It does not feel greasy and keeps my hands nicely moisturized. The warmth of my hands gently melts the lotion bar onto my hands. I find that it quickly absorbs into my skin so that there is no residue. I keep the tin on my desk so it is easily accessible.

Love+Leche Lotion Bars are an all-natural, concentrated, solid form of lotion. I love that their lotion bars are all hand poured. The bars are designed by a local sculptor and inspired by their Santa Fe life. The golden beeswax, and organic calendula flowers are harvested by their beekeeper and farmer friends in Northern New Mexico. They scent their products using only natural essential oils. I chose the unscented bar and they also sent me a sample of the Lavender Mint. It smells amazing! My 9 yr old daughter can't keep her hands off the Lavender Mint one. She keeps telling me how good it smells.

© Love + Leche
It took over a year of dreaming, designing, and working with a local Santa Fe sculptor to create the Sheep Sweet Lotion Bar. The design of the two sheep was created just for knitters and fiber artists which I think will make perfect gifts for any knitter, crocheter, weaver, or spinner in your life. I think the sculptor did an amazing job with carving the mold, so I like to preserve the cute sheep on the lotion bar. I rub the bottom and sides of the bar and avoid the top.

For my blog readers, Love + Leche is offering a special gift, "Buy one lotion bar in a tin (min $14) get a free mini balm sample ($4 value). Exp 5/1/17".  Use coupon code angelatong at the checkout cart. Time to shop for some lotion bars.

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