Thursday, April 26, 2018

Tri Loom Weaving with Brown Sheep Company's Synchrony

Brown Sheep Company's new yarn Synchrony comes in playful colors. It's a multicolored blend of 60% cotton and 40% wool. I knew I wanted to weave with it as soon as I got it in my hands.
I used a 3 foot Tri Loom adjusted to a 2 foot triangle for weaving. It's Hideaway adjustable fine sett loom that I borrowed from a weaving guild member. I wanted to weave a bunch of triangles and seam them together to make a scarf.
As you can see, it weaves up beautifully. The cotton and wool blend is going to be perfect for Spring and Summer weather.
I am using the color called Picnic (ST203R). So far I have 2 triangles woven and have plenty of yarn to weave more from 1 skein of yarn.
I have only lightly steamed the triangles for now. I will wash and full it after the scarf is seamed together. It will tighten up the weaving and let the yarn bloom. The woven fabric is cool to the touch and smooth. I love how the colors worked each other as I wove across the loom.This yarn is great for warm weather projects. I bet it would make the loveliest baby blanket.

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Lee said...

That’s just beautiful Angela! I’d love to see the completed scarf too!